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Research Toolkit: Guides to Doing Research

Welcome to the CCCOnline Library DIY Research Guide.

This guide has been created to help you walk through some of the most commonly asked research and library questions! To get started, select the card below that most closely aligns with your needs.

I need to start my research or pick a topic.

I've started my research, but I'm stuck.

I'm looking for a specific resource.

I have a question about articles.

I have a question about books or ebooks.

I need help with citations or a citation style.

I can't find anything useful.

I need help using sources.

I have a question about the CCCOnline Library.


This resource is based on Indiana University Bloomington Libraries' Library DIY Guide, which was adapted from the Portland State University Library DIY. This Library DIY version is designed on LibGuides and can also be adapted under the Creative Commons, Attribution-Share Alike license.

Creating Search Terms from a Research Question

Guides to Doing Research

Online Research Guides

Learn more about college-level research, including how to navigate the vast stores of information available to you in library databases and on the web.