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Research Toolkit: Using Databases

Deciding Databases to Use

Which Databases Should I Start With?

We have many different databases to use! If you're just getting started researching, a great place to getting started is Academic Search Complete. It's a multidisciplinary database, which means it has articles from journals that span nearly every subject.

If you've already gotten started and are not finding what you need, look in some of the more subject-specific databases. Each database has a detailed description of its contents.

You may also have luck visiting your home college's library. They may have different databases and resources available and can also use Interlibrary Loan to get you articles and books from colleges and universities throughout Colorado.

Troubleshooting Access

Troubleshooting Access to the Databases
If you are having trouble accessing any of the CCCOnline Library databases, try the following suggestions:
  1. Clear your cache, cookies, and browser history.
  2. Check your browser settings. Make sure that you do not have any settings or plugins that block popups.
  3. Use a different browser to access the databases.
  4. Try rebooting your computer, tablet, or phone.
  5. Try accessing the database at a different time

Remember that you can't login directly through EBSCO; you need to login through the page with the CCCOnline logo.

Contact library for help

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