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Research Toolkit: I Can't Find Anything Useful

Find Better Resources

I Can't Seem To Find Anything I Can Use!

Not finding the resources you’re expecting can be very frustrating. Did you try Academic Search Complete? It’s a multidisciplinary database, which means it has articles from journals that span nearly every subject.

Sometimes, you’ll find the perfect resource where you didn’t expect it. For example, a research assignment for your ENG121 course, your topic on drug use in suburbia can touch many different subjects, like economics, criminal justice, sociology, or psychology. You might consider revising your search terms or keywords.

If you’ve already gotten started, and are not finding what you need, look in some of the more subject-specific databases.

You may also have luck visiting your home college’s library! They may have different databases and resources available and can also use interlibrary loan to get you articles and books from colleges and universities throughout Colorado.