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Research Toolkit: Library Location

Library Location

Does the CCCOnline Library have a Physical Location?

Like CCCOnline, the CCCOnline Library is virtual and does not have a physical location. Our library resources are also completely online and accessible via your Brightspace (D2L) course. You have access to over 30 databases, which feature scholarly and peer-reviewed journal articles, newspaper articles, viewpoints, and even streaming videos!

Just login to your Brightspace (D2L) course site, and select online library from the right side bar.

Library Databases CCCO Helpful Links Screen Grab

To view which databases are available, check the CCCOnline Library's database webpage. CCCOnline Library is constantly reevaluating the databases and resources we offer, and we'd appreciate your suggestions! Let us know if there is an subject area that you'd like to see more resources!